Thursday, December 18, 2008

Keep your children safe from toxic chemicals

Have you noticed in recent years that people are developing diseases earlier and earlier in life? When I was a kid, I’d never heard of childhood diabetes. I didn’t know anyone with cancer who wasn’t elderly. I had heard of autism, but didn’t know anyone autistic. None of my friends had food allergies. Yet today, I can list at least a handful of children I know personally who suffer from one or more of these conditions. And the numbers multiply annually.

How is this possible, with all the knowledge we have today? And yet it is happening, despite all the amazing medical breakthroughs of the past 30 years.

Unfortunately, with good science comes bad science. Chemicals can now be created in a lab to do astounding things. Some of these things are helpful. Some are downright dangerous. Some of these chemicals preserve our food, for example, which seems like a good thing, because they keep harmful bacteria from growing. But we now know that preservatives are not so good for us once we eat them.

Lots of healthful changes can be made to minimize exposure to toxins in our environment, our food and our possessions. But toxins are everywhere! Where do you begin? Here’s just one small thing you can do for your children: don’t let them use personal care products that include harmful substances. And if you plan to have children in the future, don’t use such products yourself.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out this article from titled Teens and Toxic Skin Care: A Parent’s Responsibility.

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